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Join The A Star Care Team!

Are you looking for a care worker job? We have fantastic opportunities for individuals looking for live-In care jobs. At A Star Care, we hold exceptionally high standards because we believe in the incredible potential within each member of our team, including you. Your skills and talents are highly valued here, and we know your contributions will play a significant role in enhancing the lives of the service users we support.

Luxury Care and Meaningful Connections

We take immense pride in the luxury care service we offer. It’s not just about providing care; it’s about creating meaningful connections and enriching the lives of our service users. Your empathy and dedication are the driving forces behind the positive impact we make, and together, we will continue to uphold our reputation for outstanding care.

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Shine brighter with A Star Care. Email us today or call us on 02080583302 for an informal chat

Our H.E.A.R.T values is the how how we do what we do and the service user is always at the heart of the matter”

Our H.E.A.R.T Values 

1. Honesty

Honesty is the cornerstone of our interactions. We believe in being truthful, open, and courageous in our communication. Honesty fosters an atmosphere of trust and transparency, allowing us to build strong relationships with our clients, staff, and partners.

2. Equity

Kindness, fairness, and understanding are the guiding principles behind our commitment to equity. We recognize the unique needs and backgrounds of every individual we serve and work with. By acting with empathy and compassion, we create a nurturing environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect.

3. Accountability

accountability is the driving force behind our commitment to professionalism and excellence. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and service. We strive for continuous improvement, always seeking ways to enhance our skills, knowledge, and practices.

4. Respect

Respect forms the foundation of our interactions at A Star Care Agency. We believe in being attentive, appreciative, and empathetic towards every individual we encounter. Whether it’s our clients, colleagues, or partners, we approach every interaction with a genuine sense of respect 

5. Teamwork

Teamwork is the heart that beats within A Star Care Agency. We understand the power of collaboration and collective effort in achieving our mission. In our commitment to teamwork, we involve others, encouraging diverse perspectives and ideas that enrich our approach to care. We support our colleagues, fostering a culture of camaraderie and mutual respect, where everyone feels valued and empowered.



Commitment to Your Training and Development

We’re dedicated to helping you reach your potential in your live-in care job, offering innovative and bespoke learning and development programmes. Whether you’re new to care or highly experienced, you’ll benefit from our tailored training that aligns with your personal career goals. We can also help arrange further training in specialised areas should you wish to advance your skills.

Support from Day One

We want you to feel supported from day one. A role-specific training review will be fully tailored to your needs and matched to your clients, preparing you for your role and helping you understand what you need to do your job well.

Rewarding and Recognising You

We believe in motivating and rewarding our team. The pay package you can expect from your private client is very competitive. We also recognise the importance of a healthy work-life balance, striving to be flexible and helping you fit your working life around your home life.

Long Service Awards

We think it’s important to recognise good performance and loyalty. We give Long Service Awards to honour your dedication after you have been registered with us for a significant period.

Shine Brighter with A Star Care

Join us, and you’ll grow in confidence and ability as you take on exciting new challenges. Plus, you’ll receive the kind of rewards and support that make you feel special. (Let’s face it, we couldn’t do without you.) A Star Care is different. It’s exciting, it’s better, and we love it. We hope you do too.


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    A Star Care offers personalised live-in care services to ensure comfort, dignity, and the highest quality of life for you or your loved ones. Our luxury care solutions are designed to meet individual needs with compassion and excellence, making us the premier choice for live-in and domiciliary care in the UK.


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